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Hiring the right lawyer should be as much a matter of helping your business avoid risk as finding the best attorney to try your case. At Smith Reed & Armstrong, PLLC we have the right lawyer.

Specifically, our attorneys have blended their skills and experience to create a boutique law firm focused on the needs of all businesses – a trait which set us apart from most solo business lawyers. SRA’s attorneys have experience as in-house general counsel for a mid-size business. As a result, we know how businesses operate and where some of the potential risk areas lie. Additionally, our lawyers have spent years in the courtroom both prosecuting and defending large businesses with the inevitable lawsuits they face in our litigious society today.

Business Law Services

At Smith Reed & Armstrong we have the experience to assist you with:

  • Business Formation
  • Employment Law Issues
    • Employment Contracts
    • FLSA Issues
    • Policies and Procedures
    • HR Training
  • Intellectual Property
    • Trademark Applications
    • Defending Trademarks
    • Patent Applications
  • Commercial Real Estate
    • Landlord-Tenant
    • Property Acquisition
    • Eminent Domain
    • Zoning and City Regulation
  • Contracts


  • Board of Directors
  • Corporate Minutes

Mergers and Acquisitions




Business Formation

  • LLCs
  • C Corporations
  • S Corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Non-profits

Employment Contracts

  • Executive Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Independent Contractor Agreements

General Contracts

  • Commercial Leases