Commercial Real Estate

At some point in the life-cycle of every small business, there comes a time when the business is involved in a commercial real estate transaction. These transactions typically come in two primary packages – a commercial lease or the purchase and construction of a commercial-real-estatefacility for the business. Neither is an easy process.

Commercial leases are a fact of life for many small businesses. It makes more sense to lease a space in an office park, retail strip center, or office building rather than build a standalone facility. Who do you think writes those long commercial leases? Well, attorneys the landlord hires. And who do you think those lease terms most benefit? You know the answer to that. If you are contemplating signing a commercial lease, please consider having one of our attorneys review it.

Purchasing real property and building a facility is a tremendous undertaking for a business – big or small. There are a host of considerations in a purchase transaction. Are there any liens filed against the property? Does it have clear title? What is the environmental history of the site? What are the drainage requirements if we build our proposed facility on the site? The attorneys at Smith Reed & Armstrong, PLLC have the experience to help you navigate through all of these hurdles and more.